ok, 2 questions. first, how do i do a mysql query that orders by date? like, say i 
want to have 5 newest members who have signed up? i want it to display only 5 also. 
how do i do that? like this? 

$newestquery = "SELECT artid,title,artdate,artauthor FROM article WHERE artdate <= 
$today ORDER BY artdate DESC LIMIT 5";

and also, my next question is how do i format the display of date and time from how 
MySQL stores it to where i want it displayed differently in PHP? like, mysql will 
store it as YYYY-DD-MM  and i want it displayed in php as date("n.j.y.") and time 
displayed as $time = date("g:ia");   my time and date columns are 2 different columns 
in my TABLE, and i want to know how to format the date to enter into mysql and how to 
format it when i retrive it from mysql. thanks for your help.

-james (im a newbie programmer)

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