At 03:42 PM 2/2/2004 +0100, DiZEM PGC wrote:
I try connecting to an existing mysql DB. The first time I directly called
mysql_connect with all required
params (Path/Database,User,Password) and established a connection without
Second time I have used a script that includes a self-written class
containing a few Database functions.
One of these functions, named 'db_login', does exactly the same as
mysql_connect (w. the same params). First case (directly calling) works fine. The
second case doesn't report any error and doesn't establish a connection.
What could be the reason for this strange behavior ?

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Echo the mysql_error and mysql_errno as found here:

Also echo the connect string so you can see exactly what's being sent. I'd bet on a misplaced quotation mark.

Cheers - Miles

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