Javascript is client side programming, PHP is server side and unable to 
control actions and make decisions on what's happening in the browser except 
in a 'third person' manner. 

Simply put, you can't do this with PHP.

On Thu February 5 2004 5:21 pm, alb_shop wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've been searching for hours and cannot find the answer or sample in in
> any forum.
> What is the best method (any sample or help would be appreciated), to
> associate popup menus in a form. Choosing the first popup menu (Main
> categorie) should provide to me the results for the second popup menu
> (subcategory).
> Ie : Countries --> states
> I know that javascript can do this sort of things, but I would like to use
> only php. Is that possible ?
> I have two tables in mysql: Countries & states that can be associated by
> id_country.
> Thank you

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