Let's see if I'm understanding you correctly. You want to have a form with 
2 or more popup menus, where a choice of `country` in the first menu then 
populates a second popup menu with the `states` located in that country? 

If this is what you're asking, I do this all the time using select (or 
drop down) boxes in html (with PHP, JavaScript, and a MySQL back-end). 
Perhaps it can be used also for pop-ups...?

The basics are to have the form submit to itself, have the database query 
selecting all `countries` populate the first menu when the page is first 
displayed by running a "select id_country, country from Countries" query 
against your database, then use the id_country of the selected country to 
run a second query, "select state_names from states where id_country = 
{$_POST['value_returned_from_first_query']}". I usually use 
'onchange=\"this.form.submit()\"' to automate the submittal of the 
Use conditional statements in your PHP code to control which queries get 
run, that is, only run the second query if the variable for the selected 
country has a value in it.

The PHP manual has lots of examples about how to use built-in functions 
for a variety of databases to query and retrieve data.



>Hello all,
>I've been searching for hours and cannot find the answer or sample in in 
>What is the best method (any sample or help would be appreciated), to
>associate popup menus in a form. Choosing the first popup menu (Main
>categorie) should provide to me the results for the second popup menu
>Ie : Countries --> states
>I know that javascript can do this sort of things, but I would like to 
>only php. Is that possible ?
>I have two tables in mysql: Countries & states that can be associated by

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