On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, Karen Resplendo wrote:

> I guess the time has come that my boss wants "Next", "Previous", "First",
> "Last" paging for our data displays of large recordsets or datasets.

 First, do a query to find out how many rows.

 select count(*) from table where (your where clauses for the query);

 That's your # of records.

 Then do:

 select count(*) from table where (your clauses) limit 
($pagenum*$itemlimit)-$itemlimit), $itemlimit;

 so if your $itemlimit = 10 items per page, and you are on page 3,

 it would be ... limit 20, 10

 page #1, limit 0,10 etc

> Also, how to deal with printing? I would assume that the ideal page size
> is not the ideal printed page size. oi vay!

 In IE 6, this works:

 <br style='page-break-after:always;'>

 Even if your text follows, IE will print a page break.  Haven't researched
 how to do it in Mozilla or Netscape.

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