In no way I am trying start some long thread here.  But I have always
heard it was bad to store that much data in a session array?  I could
just be really off here and not understanding what I have read.  I know
PHP stores the sessions as text files.  The only reason I can come up
with why one should not store large amounts of data would be disk
write/read speed per user.

Can someone clarify this for me?

- Paul

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Most of the PHP solutions I have seeen require the use of session
variables.  You could create an array containing only the unique
identifiers of all the records, and then store it into a session
variable. You would then use another session variable to retain the page
size, and then include the page numbers in the "Next", "Prev", "First",
"Last" and "Absolutr" page links.  Printing is probably best done with
dynamically generated PDF instead of HTML.

-- bob

On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, Karen Resplendo wrote:

> I guess the time has come that my boss wants "Next", "Previous", 
> "First", "Last" paging for our data displays of large recordsets or 
> datasets.
> Any good solutons out there already? I have pieces of a few examples.
> Also, how to deal with printing? I would assume that the ideal page 
> size is not the ideal printed page size. oi vay!
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