Justin Patrin wrote:

I think you're confusing the issue. PEAR DB does support many databases, but it only loads the code for the ones that you are currently using. So if you're using one database it is effectively a one database API.

Jakes wrote:

What is performance like using this class? I've gone through the class and
it just seams to be over kill, for a DB API (13 databases).

Are there any time stats showing the different time in using a single DB API
class to the PEAR class.

Yes things are really not that bad. However expect to give up somewhere a fairly significant amount of performance. If you are using an abstraction layer you have to do it with a good reason (you need to support multiple databases mainly :-) ).

Here is a benchmark John Lim came up with:

It only tests MySQL though and it implements a very unrealistic scenario. The reason that ADODB scores so high can be read here:

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