Richard Davey wrote:

Hello Justin,

Monday, February 23, 2004, 5:30:16 PM, you wrote:

JP> The real hairy part is dealing with joins as the syntax is very JP> different across the DBs. This can be solved by simply not doing them or

I wish :)

JP> using a syntax that most use. Or you can try to use DB_DataObject, but
JP> I'm not sure it works for all DBs yet.

Yeah, I thought as much. I think if I was creating an application to
be distributed open-source on the Internet it'd make life easier
for other developers if it used something like the PEAR-DB class, but
when you're building your own/companies site and know the environment
it lessens the value somewhat.

It's still nice for all of the other reasons I mentioned.

paperCrane <Justin Patrin>

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