Ricardo Lopes wrote:
The libmysqld is meant to be used as a database server embeded into
application, not a replace or a lighter version of a database server, it
canīt be used with php to provide a web page to the internet in the way i
tink you want.

The way of using libmysql is for what i read the same way you would use a
mysql database.
It could be used with php to create a dinamic webpage into a cdrom with a
read-noly database.

If you dont want to pay the extra $$$ you could use plain text files, or use
a driver to treat text-files as databases, you can execute sql instructions
as if you were using a database but the results asre saved/fetched from a
textfile, is a slower but cheaper solution.
Ricardo --
Thanks or you reply.
Unfortunitly the question of hostinga package is out of my hands.
If the PHP provides SQL ->text file pleae point me to the man page?
Is it sometihng like SQLcsv ?


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