You can use:

- txtSQL

Is not provided in php, you have to install it to the folder were you have
your scripts or reachable by it.
The sintax is not exactly as sql but is similar, the documentation included
seems to be very good.

I dont know if it does everything you need but it appears to have an fairly
complete list of features avaliable the main drawback is compatibility (the
sql instructions are not sql standard) and speed (its slower, but probably
you wont even notice it).

Good Luck

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Sent: Monday, February 23, 2004 3:29 PM
Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] Embedded MySQL server (libmysqld)?

> Ricardo Lopes wrote:
> > The libmysqld is meant to be used as a database server embeded into
> > application, not a replace or a lighter version of a database server, it
> > canīt be used with php to provide a web page to the internet in the way
> > tink you want.
> >
> > The way of using libmysql is for what i read the same way you would use
> > mysql database.
> > It could be used with php to create a dinamic webpage into a cdrom with
> > read-noly database.
> >
> > If you dont want to pay the extra $$$ you could use plain text files, or
> > a driver to treat text-files as databases, you can execute sql
> > as if you were using a database but the results asre saved/fetched from
> > textfile, is a slower but cheaper solution.
> Ricardo --
> Thanks or you reply.
> Unfortunitly the question of hostinga package is out of my hands.
> If the PHP provides SQL ->text file pleae point me to the man page?
> Is it sometihng like SQLcsv ?
> TIA,
> David
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