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> I'm re-raising an issue I never quite resolved which has become more
> critical.  I want to sort a table on two columns.  There are
> about 440
> rows of which about 400 are blank in the first sort column (CBC); the
> other rows show B in that column.  When I use the coding
> below, the two
> column sort takes place but the rows designated B are at the
> bottom of the
> (long) table and I want them at the top.  Neither asc nor desc
> accomplishes this (just reverses the second factor order,
> still at the
> bottom below the blanks).
> Here's the php code for the sort command:
> echo "<td><div align='center'><font size='3'><b>CBC <a
> href='contributions22504.php?sort_field=cbc,
> net_receipts&sort_order=desc'
> target='_self'><font size='2'>Sort</a></b></font></div></td>\n";
> Here's the basic setup that begins the script:
> # get sort order (if any) passed to script
> $sort_field = $_REQUEST['sort_field'];
> if (! $sort_field) {$sort_field = "State";}
> $sort_order = $_REQUEST['sort_order'];
> if (! $sort_order) {$sort_order = "asc";}

Well, your going to need an order phrase that looks like this:


so you may need a little rethink about how you're passing those arguments.



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