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On 05 March 2004 14:49, Ken Colburn wrote:

Mike -

I've tried your options and I get either an error message, no
sorting, or sorting that does not do both columns with B's at the
top.  It's my understanding that I must still use sort_field and
sort_order (though I tried just ORDER BY).  It does seem simple, but
works.  It would
be a great help if you could plug something (anything) into
the url that
works at
Hope this isn't
asking too much.

Right, this is what I plugged in that I think gives the result you're asking

http://congress.techpolitics.org/contributions22504.php?sort_field=cbc%20des c,%20net_receipts&sort_order=asc

I've had to contrive the parameters a bit to work around the way you're
processing them, but hopefully you get the idea.

Just to over-egg the pudding a bit, I thought I'd extend the idea slightly
and give you one more example:

http://congress.techpolitics.org/contributions22504.php?sort_field=cbc%20des c,state%20asc,%20net_receipts&sort_order=desc



P.S. please keep the discussion on the list so others can chip in if they
want -- and any final resolution gets into the list archives for anyone
reading the thread in the future.

That did it, Mike, with a slight change to make receipts descend. Thanks again.


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