On 19 Mar 2004 at 9:53, Matthew Vos wrote:

> Hi Piotr,
> Everyone else is suggesting edit all of the code.
> Alternatively you could setup an iptables rule which forwards all
> incoming requests on (or whatever port your mysql server
> is running on) to (repolace wit the IP of
> your DB server).
> This way if your DB moves again, you change your forward rule.
> If, however, you try to put the PHP code on another system, you will
> need to either put the DB on the same system, or change the iptables
> ruleset for the new webserver.
> It's worth a shot.
> Matt Vos

OK, this is how I want it, but when connecting with localhost 
in the connection string, unix socket is used, not the 

It would be nice to have 

default_connection_with_localhost = unix_socket|loopback

in my php.ini :) Even if one of them is better for most of the 
cases. It's good to have a choice.


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