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On Fri, 2004-03-19 at 12:00, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Howdy Listers,
> The Background:
> I am making dynamic, color-coded, png images of the floor plan of a 
> building and displaying them in a browser.  Numerous radioactivity sensors 
> throughout the building send their readings to a MySQL dB, and the web 
> page queries the dB, and depending on the readings, the areas specific to 
> the sensors will appear green for normal, yellow for high but acceptable, 
> and red for critical.  All this works OK.
> The Problem:
> Neither the HTML nor JavaScript code I usually use for automatically 
> refreshing a page has any effect if the header("Content-type: image/png") 
> necessary for displaying the png image is included. If I comment out the 
> header() line, the page refreshes, but the image data comes through as 
> hieroglyphics.  Obviously, I need to refresh the page to get the latest 
> data, and to create and display the corresponding image.
> The Question:
> Is there any way to automatically refresh a web page displaying a png 
> image?
> Thanks in advance for any thoughts/insights into how I can solve this 
> problem.
> dave

Adam Voigt

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