Your remark got me pointed in the right direction - I wasn't thinking about a second form. Figuring out the syntax took a while, but it's working. I need to do some clean up to make it a bit more elegant, but the bones are there.

Disconnect the MySQL session.
Figure out a way to pass the db connection to the 2nd file rather than reconnecting.
Convert everything to functions where it makes sense.
Play with other other form construction - embed php in html rather than embedding html in php, figure out other methods to pass data between php and html.

Thanks for the help.


For anyone following the thread who might need to know...

Two files, both php.

First one returns a list of sites and launches the second form.
The second one uses the selected site name to return the password.

File 1:

<form action="getpw.php" method="get">


// connect to db
$db = mysql_connect("localhost");
$dbtbl = mysql_select_db("test",$db);

// build query
$sitequery = "SELECT site from sitedata order by site";

// generate result set
$siteresult = mysql_query($sitequery);

// use results
echo "Select a site from the list below: ";
echo "<br><br>";
echo "<select name='website'>";
while($siterow = mysql_fetch_array($siteresult))
echo "<option value='".$siterow["site"]."'>".$siterow["site"]."</option>";
echo "</select></td>";

<input type="submit" />

File 2 - getpw.php
The site you selected is <?php echo $_GET['website']; ?>.
The password is

// connect to db
$db = mysql_connect("localhost");

// build query
$pwquery = "SELECT password from sitedata where site="."\"".$_GET['website']."\"";
// generate result set
$pwresult = mysql_query($pwquery);
$sitepw = mysql_data_seek($pwresult,0);
while($sitepw = mysql_fetch_array($pwresult))

echo $sitepw["password"];
echo "<br>";
echo "query is ".$pwquery;

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