New and improved Metastorage documentation materials were released with the intention of helping developers to get started with this software development productivity tool and quickly deploy their PHP applications.

Besides the Metastorage reference manual that already existed and was improved for this release, there is now a tutorial and an how-to document to address different levels of interest from the developers on Metastorage documentation.



What is Metastorage?

Metastorage is an application that is meant to automatically generate code from an high level data model definition.

Metastorage is a tool meant to provide an efficient method of development of medium or large size applications that store and retrieve data from SQL based databases or other types of persistence storage containers, like XML files, flat file databases or in LDAP servers.

What does Metastorage generate?

Metastorage generates data object access classes. Currently it generates code in PHP. The data objects are stored in SQL based relational databases. In the future, other languages and storage containers will be supported.



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