Brown, Craig wrote:

I am trying to update a database that I use to store user names and the hashed values of passwords. The database name is Login, the table is "users".

I have the following commands in my php file.

@ $db=mysql_pconnect('localhost','apache','password'); mysql_select_db('Login'); $query="UPDATE users set pw='$hash' WHERE id='$user'"; $results = mysql_query($query);

The result is always false. If I enter the value of $query into a console (such as mysqlcc). The command works fine. Any ideas?



Actually, you are entering at the console the value you are hoping $query will have. You never test to see what $query actually is or what is the error. Do you know for sure that the correct value of $user is being parsed? Do you even know that the script made a valid connection and db selection?

Put an ECHO $query; statement and some other error checking in there and quit tearing out your hair over assumptions that may be wrong.


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