Hi all:

I was having some problem with INSERT query here and do hope to get some help 
real soon.

I have a form whereby once the form is submitted, the values entered shall be 
inserted into the database. Next I have also written a SELECT query to view the 
records which have just been inserted into the database. 

Data was able to insert into the database and I was also able to retrieve these 
data from database. However, my problem is, whenever a form was being 
submitted, it actually INSERT another row of null values into the database. And 
so, when I clicked to view my data, i can see the previously inserted values as 
well as an empty row of records. 

Why is this so? How can I prevent the row of null value to be inserted?

I have included a snip of my code below and hope to get some help real soon. 
All help are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


$dsn = "mysql://root:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/databaseName";

$db = DB::connect ($dsn);
   if (DB::isError ($db))
       die ($db->getMessage());

$tutor_name = $_POST["tutor_name"];
$tutor_contact = $_POST["tutor_contact"];
$tutor_email = $_POST["tutor_email"];
$tutor_profile = $_POST["tutor_profile"];

$sql ="INSERT INTO tutor (tutor_name, tutor_contact, tutor_email, tutor_profile)

$result = $db->query($sql);

if( DB::isError($result) ) {
    die ($result->getMessage());



Is there anything wrong with my SELECT query ??

Thanks in advance.


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