Hi Jason:

okay I have echoed $sql and before I did enter anything into the form, the form 
is already inserting null values into the database. Maybe that is the reason 
for the duplicate row of null values. 

Do you know how can I prevent this from happening??Hope to hear from you soon.


On Tuesday 30 March 2004 19:46, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: 
> sorie it was my typo error. actually in my code there is already {} with my 
> first if statement and there is also a space after VALUES... 

Whenever you post code, use copy and paste, or be extremely meticulous that 
you do not introduce typos. This will ensure that people can focus on your 
real problem and not on your erroneously introduced typos. 

> I still need some help here with my code...how can I prevent it from 
> inserting a duplicate row of null values>??? 

echo() your $sql statement just before you execute it. Are you doing any 
redirections or refreshing the page? 

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