Hi all,

I'm using Firebird as an database. I'm gettin BLOB's form the database

On one pc I receve the folloing 2 errors:

Fatal error: Unknown(): You can lose data. Close any blob after reading of
writing it. Use ibase_blob_close() before calling ibase_close() in Unknown
on line 0

Warning: Unknown(): Unable to call shutdown() - function does not exist in
Unknown on line 0

I'm sure that I close the BLOB after reading it.

  function getblob($blob) {
       $blob_data = ibase_blob_info($blob);
       $blob_hndl = ibase_blob_open($blob);
       return ibase_blob_get($blob_hndl, $blob_data[0]);
    $close = ibase_blob_close($blob_hndl);
    if (!$close) {
      print 'Unable to close BLOB.' . "<br>";

Does anyone know what I am doing worng?


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