I did a similar system for my CMS sollution. If I understand you
correct you want to sort the main branch, keeping the subs.

The sorting was in my case the part that I spent most of the time
coding. The other part, selecting the subs I did really simple.

As a main rule, I only select the main branch and order them,
as a sub query I check if there are pages assigned to this branch.
If so - present an icon to open the branch with a link link

Lets loop over this again with some more logic,
if the $_GET["branch"] corresponds with the branch currently in
the result set im looping through ill print out the results, we also
include a branch close icon with reverse effect, why this is explained
below. Else, I skip this and continue with the next branch.

Whats bad with this? Only 1 branch can be opened at a time,
so what you do is assign the branch variable to the session.
Push the variable into an array, and if the branch from the
current result set is in the array open it.

This way we can keep track of unlimited branches, opened and
closed. Together with the close function they get wiped from the
array and therefore closes.

Hope this helps, maby its was just swada.. :)

Kim Steinhaug
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those who understand them, and those who don't.
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