Thanks John,

Pointed me in the right direction.
This was the actual code I ended up needing.

(! Ignore this e-mail if it will offend you containing JavaScript info
rather than php/db info; I did need to figure this out for my db to be
updated appropriately...)

(1st you need to define the variable as a hidden field in the form)
<input type="hidden" name="parent" value="">

(2nd, we need to use both the href attribute as well as, and separately
to, the onClick JavaScript reference, so the html output looks like:)
<a name="2" href="JavaScript: document.myForm.submit();"

The onClick event changes the value of the hidden field, the href
attribute submits the form with the submit() function.

I couldn't get it to work by calling a function, because the onClick
reference needed to be associated with that anchor tag and needed to be
a separate event to the href pointing to the submit() function.
I guess I could have 2 separate functions for each... But since it's
generated by the php script is easy enough like this.


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Gavin Amm wrote:

> (I know you can't use "value" with the "a" tag, but bear with me for
> illustration purposes in this pseudo-code)
> <form name="theForm">
> <input type="text" name="title">
> <!-- etc with the fields -->
> <input type=text name="formInput">
> <a href="javascript:document.theForm.submit();" name="parent"
> value="23">Auditing Home</a>
> <a href="javascript:document.theForm.submit();" name="parent"
> value="17">Finance Home</a>
> <a href="javascript:document.theForm.submit();" name="parent"
> value="122">Planning Home</a>
> <a href="javascript:document.theForm.submit();" name="parent"
> value="231">Tax Home</a>
> </form>
> When the admin clicks on one of the "parent" hyperlinks, the form is
> submitted with (in this example) (say they click on the "Tax Home"
> the values:
>   $title == [whatever the user types into the text field]
>   $parent == 231
> How do I get this $parent value from the html page??

Instead of calling theForm.submit(), all another function that sets a 
form variable before submitting the form.

<a href="javascript:mysubmit(231);">Tax Home</a>

function mysubmit(var)
   document.theForm.parent.value = var;

"parent" might be a reserved word, so watch out for that. I'm no JS wiz,

but I think that's something along the lines of what you want to do. You

basically use JS to add a form element based upon what link was clicked.

---John Holmes...

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