Hi there,

Thanks for the below, but I'll try to explain it a bit better.

I don't have access to the ASP server, it's a general server setup for
companies, to query their server you must use the ?pid=uniquecompanynumber
as it tracks your IP to make sure the correct server is connecting.  Anyway,
what I need is to be able to query this server and get the url response
ONLY, in other words, when it sends a response back I need to pick up what
their URL and any additional values IN their url are, and not the body of
the page itself.

Does that make more sense?  I didn't get much sleep last night so hard to
express what I mean.


Anyway first you have to translate your problem to us.
In plain english. 

But I have spare time, so.. here is the solution for your problem, as I
understood it.

from php
$f = file("http://myserver.com/index.asp?pid=1111";);

In ASP you take the pid do what you want to it and then
    Response.Write( myResult )

The myResult is what the php will be printing and the value you can use.

Use only one Response.Write in entire .asp

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