Hi there,

>Just to help clarify, is this what you're saying?

If you were to go to the page via a web browser, and put in something

it would get changed (in the browser address bar) to something like

If that's the case, it's being redirected somehow. Not sure how you
can grab that, but there's probably a way.


Well they say that's how to do it, that I must grab the new url after it's
been submitted as their ASP processes the pid and then outputs new contents
based on that which we are supposed to grab - which is waaayyy too confusing
for me to get my head around, and their tech support is practically zero
help.  I got it partially working, I could grab the BODY of the results, but
they said there was supposed to be either a -1 to show it failed OR a 24
character token (Value) but I seem to get a much larger value back than 24
so I'm doing something wrong.  I'd tried doing it by checking the body,
which is where I get the token result but it's too large.

Oh well, back to the drawing board LOL Thanks anyway :-)


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