I would imagine the best way would be a system that triggers a
script on the different serveres. This script creates a datafile
which you import with fopen and then you create the database
set you need to generate nice stats from.

Else you would need the different servers to accept incoming
connections on their MySQL from your host, which I would think
would be alot of work to accomplish. Preparing datasets on the
different servers with a script sounds much more simple in my
opinion, after all this script will only be "updated" at given

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"Seth Bembeneck" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I'm trying to work on a project that gathers info from different servers,
> then combines them and displays it.
> Is it possble to merge the tables from the different servers into 1 table
> using php?
> My one solution to this was to have a php script on each server, then have
> my website call each php script, retrieve the info then insert it into my
> database.
> For a glimps of the amount of data I'm trying to merge:
> http://cwhq.net/index.php?action=stats&mod=kill_stats_totals
> Now imagine 10 different servers with similer data.
> I'm trying to provide a way for Deltaforce Gamers to see their stat from
> the game servers that collect the stats in 1 location.
> Thanks,
> Seth

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