What you wrote will give you the list of users who also happen to have comments. What you really want is more like this:

SELECT Users.ID, Users.UserName, Comments.Description
FROM Users LEFT JOIN Comments
ON Users.ID = Comments.UserID;

(note that you'll need to have the UserID foreign key in your Comments table. Also, the "LEFT JOIN" phrase tells whatever sql back-end you're using that you want -all- records from the users table, regardless of whether or not they have a comment-- and any comments per user in the comments table. If you want to eliminate users who don't have comments, use an INNER JOIN instead.

-Mike Forbes

Bruno Braga wrote:


I have these tables.

Users ( id,name,etc )

Coments : ( id , comment )

How do I do this kind of query:

I thought in one thing like this but I cant figure it out.

Example: Select * from users order by id desc in (select count (id) from

Expected result:

List of users:

* User1

See comments ( 32 comment in database )

* User2

See coments (13 comments in database )

* etc.

thanks in advanced.


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