Hope someone can help me.

I have two tables:


The structure is as follows:

evt_details                                                     evt_sponsors

evt_detail_id           (INT)(PK)                       evt_sponsor_id (INT)(PK)
evt_detail_title                (CHAR)                  evt_sponsor_name (CHAR)
evt_sponsor_id1         (INT) NON-NULL
evt_detail_date         (date)
evt_sponsor_id2         (INT) NULL
evt_sponsor_id3         (INT) NULL
evt_sponsor_id4         (INT) NULL

Now, the event can have either 1 sponsor, 2 sponsors, 3 sponsors, or 4

Is there a way where I can return a result whether it has 1, 2, 3, or 4
since some of the events will  not have a 2d,3d, or 4th sponsor, a
combination of 1 & 2, 1,2,3, or all 4 depending on the values in the table?

Here is the query I have:

SELECT e.evt_detail_title, a.evt_sponsor_name, b.evt_sponsor_name,
FROM evt_sponsors a, evt_sponsors b, evt_sponsors c, evt_sponsors d,
evt_details e
WHERE e.evt_detail_date <= DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 1 DAY) AND
e.evt_sponsor_id1=a.evt_sponsor_id AND
      (e.evt_sponsor_id2=b.evt_sponsor_id OR e.evt_sponsor_id2=0) AND
       =c.evt_sponsor_id OR e.evt_sponsor_id3=0) AND
(e.evt_sponsor_id4=d.evt_sponsor_id OR e.evt_sponsor_id4 =0)

Thanks for the help,
Erik W. Meyer

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