On 12/12/2003 04:34 AM, Matt Perry wrote:
I use the following php mail function in an online applicaiton program:

mail($email, "application submitted", $message, "From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]");

This function does not always work when I modify $message. I have checked for null values for $message already but this does not seem to be the problem.
I am trying to develop some sort of pattern of when this function works and when it does not.
The only essential difference between the values I pass in for message is the one that does not always work includes a link. Apparently anyone useing AOL email is particularly vulnerable to this problem.

Is it likely that AOL and other mail servers sometimes block any email from a web site if it has a link in the main body? Or should I not be useing mail() in this manner to begin with?

Maybe you are not generating the message headers and body properly. Without seeing the code that you use to define $message, it is hard to tell.

I just suggest that you try this class to properly compose and send your messages:



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