Matt Perry wrote:
I use the following php mail function in an online applicaiton program:

mail($email, "application submitted", $message, "From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]");

This function does not always work when I modify $message. I have checked for null values for $message already but this does not seem to be the problem.
I am trying to develop some sort of pattern of when this function works and when it does not.
The only essential difference between the values I pass in for message is the one that does not always work includes a link. Apparently anyone useing AOL email is particularly vulnerable to this problem.

Is it likely that AOL and other mail servers sometimes block any email from a web site if it has a link in the main body? Or should I not be useing mail() in this manner to begin with?


Are you doing this on your own server? If so, your problem is likely due to AOL blocking dynamic IPs from sending e-mail to them. Even if this is a "real" server, you could still have these problems. Are you getting bounces back?

The solution is to route all of your e-mails through a trusted mail server, such as that of your ISP. You can use a mailing package which sends the mail to a mail server (instead of sending it locally). One such is PEAR's Mail package. Use the smtp backend. You can also do this on your server. If you need more help with this, mail me off-list.

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