Hi all,

I have a problem:  my $_SESSION variables and $_COOKIE variables get
destroyed very often, even though my clients are actively browsing the site
(that means, the variables should not be garbage collected).

Our guess is that the network connections are weak. My server is in
Singapore but my clients are connecting to it from Japan, Thailand,
Australia (some on dial-up) etc... Apparently, their connections get dropped
pretty frequently. Thus, their $_SESSION variables and $_COOKIE variables
get destroyed everytime their connections are dropped.

Has anyone experienced such phenomenon before? is our guess accurate? if it
is, does it mean that the best solution would be to change all our $_SESSION
variables to $_COOKIE and set an expiry date to the cookies to 12 hours
later or something..

fyi, i'm using PHP4.2.2 and my session.gc_maxlifetime = 1440 and
session.gc_probability = 1. I will be upgrading to 4.3.6 in the near future.

thanks in advance!


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