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> Hi all,
> I have a problem:  my $_SESSION variables and $_COOKIE variables get
> destroyed very often, even though my clients are actively browsing the
> (that means, the variables should not be garbage collected).
> Our guess is that the network connections are weak. My server is in
> Singapore but my clients are connecting to it from Japan, Thailand,
> Australia (some on dial-up) etc... Apparently, their connections get
> pretty frequently. Thus, their $_SESSION variables and $_COOKIE variables
> get destroyed everytime their connections are dropped.
> Has anyone experienced such phenomenon before? is our guess accurate? if
> is, does it mean that the best solution would be to change all our
> variables to $_COOKIE and set an expiry date to the cookies to 12 hours
> later or something..

Hi Hwee,

you should not store more than the session id in a cookie. The session data
itself belongs into $_SESSION.

> fyi, i'm using PHP4.2.2 and my session.gc_maxlifetime = 1440 and
> session.gc_probability = 1. I will be upgrading to 4.3.6 in the near

Your gc_maxlifetime setting is set to 1440 seconds which means 24 minutes.
So every 24 minutes the garbage collection is checked if it should be
deleted (based on gc_probability). Try increasing your gc_maxlifetime to a
higher value, e.g. 43200 for 12 hours.

Regards, Torsten

> thanks in advance!
> hwee

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