I have some very crude scripts that I have mangled together to allow
customers to request CSR call-backs when they want new service.  I am
trying to make the page more user-friendly.  I have three fields that I
want to try something on and don't know where to look.  I have a city,
state and zip code field.  I only need two state entries and about a
dozen city/zip entries.  It will likely never increase beyond this. 
What I want to do is to allow someone to select a zip code and the city
and state fields automatically change appropriately - and visa versa on
the cities.  All three fields are pulldown menus currently pulling from
includes but can easily be put into a mysql database if needed.  I am
dumping the data from this form into mysql right now.  Anyone know of a
tutorial to do something similar to what I want?  I am not a programmer
but can hack my way through things pretty well.

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