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...and then redhat said...
% I have some very crude scripts that I have mangled together to allow
% customers to request CSR call-backs when they want new service.  I am
% trying to make the page more user-friendly.  I have three fields that I
% What I want to do is to allow someone to select a zip code and the city
% and state fields automatically change appropriately - and visa versa on

If you mean that you want the city and state to change without the user
having to press a submit button, you'll need to look at some client-side
javascript to detect when a value is filled in and redisplay the page.

If, on the other hand, you hate javascript as much as I do, you could
accept either the zip OR the city and state (and perhaps just the city,
if they're unique enough in your not-ever-going-to-expand scenario) with
a buttonclick and then return a page with more goodies filled in.

So what did you mean and what do you want?


PS -- Change your name to SuSE; it's better than RedHat :-)

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