Another person had the same problem, found this.

They suggested:

Try setting the extension dir to C:/WINNT/SYSTEM or
where your dll-files resides.... 

>>Yes, and as I was writing earlier, the message talks about a missing 
>>procedure. If I remove the file temporarily, the message talks about a 
>>missing library. So I think it can find the file OK, but that this 
>>php_oci8.dll file is the wrong version or that it is looking for an 
>>additional DLL that it can't find OR that it can find the additional DLL 
>>but it is the wrong version. If I only knew what DLL was needed!
>>Daniel Clark wrote:
>>> Is the file in c:\tools\php\extensions\php_oci8.dll ?
>>>>>I am experiencing the message in the title of this message when starting 
>>>>>or restarting Apache. I have the following configuration:
>>>>>- Windows XP
>>>>>- Apache 2.0.49
>>>>>- PHP 4.3.6
>>>>>- Oracle Client 8i
>>>>>If anyone has any information as to why this is happening and how I can 
>>>>>solve it, I would be very grateful. Thanks.

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