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Well, the exact message is: "Unable to load dynamic library php_oci8.dll: The specified procedure could not be found"
If I remove the library the message becomes "The specified module could not be found." It seems to be able to find the library (all the paths are correct) but it seems that this php_oci8.dll file is the wrong version or that it is looking for an additional DLL that it can't find OR that it can find the additional DLL but it is the wrong version. If I only knew what DLL was needed!

The common problem would be that php_oci8.dll cannot find Oracle's libraries.
Have you elimated this as the problem?

There are a coupel of things to try:

(i) Check phpinfo() output. Make sure PATH in the Apache env section contains
the Oracle bin directory. If this is not clear in my FAQ, please let me know
so I can update the FAQ. Currently


    If Apache starts but gives errors about Oracle libraries and/or
    OCI8 function calls fail, try looking at PHP's environment. Create
    the following script "phpinfo.php" where your web server can read
    it and load it in a browser:


    Triple-check the environment and path configuration. On UNIX check
    that LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or equivalent) contains $ORACLE_HOME/lib. On
    Windows the PATH variable may need to contain %ORACLE_HOME%\bin.

(ii) Install http://www.dependencywalker.com/ and run it on php_oci8.dll
I'll look into adding a comment about this utility in the next FAQ update.


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