I am making a PHP/MySQL traffic report page from a table that records some user 
activity using PHP referrer information.

I have a table with three rows: IP, page_name, and timestamp. The IP row records the 
user's IP address, page_name records the name of the page that the user loaded, and 
the timestamp row records in Unix timestamp format the time of day that the user 
requested the page.

I want to be able to count unique visits per IP according to Internet Advertising 
Bureau standards, which count a "Unique Visit" as a log in by the same IP once every 
thirty minutes.

IAB verbatim definition: "Visit – One or more text and/or graphics downloads from a 
site qualifying as at least one page, without 30 consecutive minutes of inactivity, 
which can be reasonably attributed to a single browser for a single session. A browser 
must “pull” text or graphics content to be considered a visit."

So I need to make a MySQL query that will count how many times an IP logged a 
timestamp within a given time period.

For example, the publisher checking traffic could request a date between May 1 and May 
31, and I'd like to be able to return a page that counted unique users (count distinct 
IP), pages viewed (list distinct pages) and how many times they visited in that 
period. I have the first two down, but not the unique visits. Any ideas?

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