Whatabout creating a table containing online users,
where you log every activity with IP, BrowserSession and Timestamp.
You also create a table to track the accual unique visits.

So my logic to solve it :

Update the online table like this (Some rough coding below, not tested at
all, read the logic).
    30 minutes = 60sec*30 = 1800

1    "delete from online where timestamp<" . (time() - 1800); // Delete
inactive users / uniqe ghosts or whatever
2    "Update online set timestamp = '" . time() . "' where ip='" . $ip . "'
and browsersession = '" . $browsersession . "'";
3    If (!mysql_affected_rows()){
        // Update the Unique visitor table
        // Insert new entry with IP, Browsersession and time() into the
online database

As far as my midnight brain would see it this would work nicely.

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<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I am making a PHP/MySQL traffic report page from a table that records some
user activity using PHP referrer information.
> I have a table with three rows: IP, page_name, and timestamp. The IP row
records the user's IP address, page_name records the name of the page that
the user loaded, and the timestamp row records in Unix timestamp format the
time of day that the user requested the page.
> I want to be able to count unique visits per IP according to Internet
Advertising Bureau standards, which count a "Unique Visit" as a log in by
the same IP once every thirty minutes.
> IAB verbatim definition: "Visit - One or more text and/or graphics
downloads from a site qualifying as at least one page, without 30
consecutive minutes of inactivity, which can be reasonably attributed to a
single browser for a single session. A browser must "pull" text or graphics
content to be considered a visit."
> So I need to make a MySQL query that will count how many times an IP
logged a timestamp within a given time period.
> For example, the publisher checking traffic could request a date between
May 1 and May 31, and I'd like to be able to return a page that counted
unique users (count distinct IP), pages viewed (list distinct pages) and how
many times they visited in that period. I have the first two down, but not
the unique visits. Any ideas?

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