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> Hi all.
> I am running a website to where a user needs to login to authenticate
> themselves to perform certain tasks. So a user logs in, and I start a
> session (in PHP, of course). Well, the catch is, I am doing this all
> from one page, 'viewer.php', and I just tack on the specific view/page
> that I want them to see, depending on the link selected on that page.
> Meaning, they click on the 'submit problem' link and it goes to
> 'viewer.php?type=submitproblem'.
> The problem comes whenever I load the view 'submitproblem' and I start
> a session with session_start(), which carries over the variable to tell
> whether or not the user is logged in. If they have not logged in
> whenever they click on 'submitproblem' then it will redirect them to
> 'viewer.php?type=login'. So I log in, and then go to 'submitproblem'.
> This is where I get the error: "Warning: session_start(): Cannot send
> session cookie - headers already sent". Essentially, I understand why
> this is occurring, but is there an easy way to get around it without
> creating a new page, such as 'submitproblem.php' instead of
> 'viewer.php?type=submitproblem'???

Make sure that NO output is done before session_start() is called. Can you
post some of your code?


Torsten Roehr

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