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Hi all.

I am running a website to where a user needs to login to authenticate
themselves to perform certain tasks. So a user logs in, and I start a
session (in PHP, of course). Well, the catch is, I am doing this all
from one page, 'viewer.php', and I just tack on the specific view/page
that I want them to see, depending on the link selected on that page.
Meaning, they click on the 'submit problem' link and it goes to

The problem comes whenever I load the view 'submitproblem' and I start
a session with session_start(), which carries over the variable to tell
whether or not the user is logged in. If they have not logged in
whenever they click on 'submitproblem' then it will redirect them to
'viewer.php?type=login'. So I log in, and then go to 'submitproblem'.

This is where I get the error: "Warning: session_start(): Cannot send
session cookie - headers already sent". Essentially, I understand why
this is occurring, but is there an easy way to get around it without
creating a new page, such as 'submitproblem.php' instead of

Make sure that NO output is done before session_start() is called. Can you
post some of your code?


Torsten Roehr

See, that's the case. Because I'm essentially just changing the content within the page, it never leaves the page 'viewer.php' - it just changes the content by tacking on '?type=login, submitproblem, etc'.

But my code in the beginning of the file 'submitproblem.view' is:


if (!session_is_registered('_isLoggedIn')) {
        header ("Location:viewer.php?type=login");
} else {
        // do the stuff to submit a problem if they have
        // logged in and have pressed the "submit" button
        // in the html


// then here is all the html for that page

So, does that help any?


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