Thank you everybody that responded so quickly -
I used the suggestion of Franciccio - and the data is now gow into the db
Thank you very much - I really appreciate the help.

Another question - with this fix in place - do I still need the
register_globals = On ?
Or can I now turn it off?

Thank you all again


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Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] Mysql not receiving the data

I agree, the slashes are killing the query. I would suggets doing this:

 $add = "INSERT INTO movies SET
>          movie_name=\"$movie_name\",
>          genre=\"$genre\",
>          director=\"$director\",
>          star1=\"$star1\",
>          star2=\"$star2\",
>          star3=\"$star3\",
>          brief_synopsis=\"$brief_synopsis\",
>          imdb_link=\"$imdb_link\"";

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