Hi :)

I am on my second week of php so be gentle

I am creating an XML file out of a mysql query with nested arrays.
Currently I can get 1 element and 1 child with a properly formatted XML file with the below script .

My question is: How do I add 3 to 4 more child elements to the below 'playlist' array ?
Currently ,I have one parent 'Artist' and one child 'english' ...
I need to add more child elements to the 'Artist' array like urlPath, spanish, biography, etc

Do I have to add another dimension to the 'playlist' array? Do I need another foreach loop ?
Is there an easier more efficient way to do this?
Be nice to spell out the schema in some way in the script...in case you need to add more levels...like a 'subCategory'

I am a bit new to this so any help would be greatly appretiated .... head is spinning a bit

$sql = 'SELECT artist.artist_name, media.english, media.path '; $sql .= 'FROM media, artist '; $sql .= 'WHERE artist.artist_id = media.artist_id LIMIT 0, 30 ';

$result = mysql_query($sql);
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
$playlist[$row['artist_name']] [] = $row['english'];
//would like to add more children here...

$xml = "<sirenreels>\n";

foreach ($playlist as $artist => $media)
$num_media = count($media);
        $xml .= "<artist>\n";           
        $xml .= "\t<meta>\n";           
        $xml .=         "\t\t<title>".$artist."</title>\n";
        $xml .= "\t</meta>\n";  
        $xml .= "\t<content>\n";        

foreach ($media as $mediaVal)
                        $xml .= "\t\t<media>\n";                
                        $xml .= "\t\t\t<english_name>".$mediaVal."</english_name>\n";
                        ///add more children
                        ///add more children
                        $xml .= "\t\t</media>\n";       
        $xml .= "\t</content>\n";       
        $xml .= "</artist>\n";  
$xml .= "</sirenreels>\n";
print $xml

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