ADOdb is a popular database abstraction library for PHP.  It supports
a very large number of databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL,
Firebird, Interbase, SQLite, Oracle, Frontbase, DB2, SAP DB, Sybase,
Informix, Netezza, Access, VFP, MS SQL, LDAP, ODBTP, ODBC, etc.

Due to system outages at the current site, the home page of ADOdb
has moved to sourceforge.

Kindly update your links to


Given the move to sourceforge, we have decided to take advantage
of its services and we have created 2 new mailing lists:

adodb-news: low volume moderated list for important news

adodb-general: for general postings

Bugs should still be reported at the existing forums at

Thank you.

John Lim

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