Thanks for the suggestions. I have 
at the start of the script. However, what I neglected to mention is that TimeSheetID 
is auto_increment, in first table, tblTimesheet.

I will try the other suggestions, and respond with my results.


Good point.  Since it's form data, what about $_POST['TimesheetID'] ?

> Don't see anything obviously wrong with your query string. Are the inserts
> happening in the same block of code, i.e., are you sure that
> _$TimesheetID_ has a value in it when you're performing the second insert?
> -dave
>> I am using a form to Insert data into 2 tables in the same database.
>> $TimesheetID needs to be in each table. However, it is not being
> inserted
>> into the second table, "tblTimesheetDetails" . Any advise?
>> $result_timesheet=mysql_query("INSERT INTO tblTimesheet (TimesheetID,
>> WorkerID, ClientID, TimesheetDate, ProspectiveOrRetrospective) VALUES
> ('$TimeSheetID','$WorkerID','$ClientID','$TimesheetDate','$ProspectiveOrRetr
>> ospective')")or die("Insert Error: ".mysql_error());
>> $result_timesheetdetails=mysql_query("INSERT INTO tblTimesheetDetails
>> (TimesheetID, ActivityTypeID, TimeSpentHours, TimeSpentMinutes) VALUES
> ('$TimeSheetID','$ActivityTypeID','$TimeSpentHours','$TimeSpentMinutes')")or
>> die("Insert Error: ".mysql_error());

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