Hi All,

I'm using $_session to store user name and status

and the session is used as key to access some pages

and I set the cookie variables like this :
   setcookie ("name",$user_name, $time+3600);
   setcookie ("status",$status, $time+3600);

and the authentication of the session variable like this :
  if(!isset($_COOKIE['name']) or !isset($_COOKIE['status']) or 

But the problem is that sometimes when I link to (eg : product_add.php require 
$_session) it success but in the other time it's fail ..(although I do it continuous 
...I mean after the 1st time success and 2nd times fail)...
it couldn't be the problem of $_session lifetime ... I think.
I can't find "why" such problem occurs....

anyone hav the same problem??
thanx anyway... Flame (sorry if out of topic)...

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