Sukanto Kho wrote:

sorry, I was wrong ...
all the $session in my previous post should be $cookie... (I typed the wrong

I think the domain is not the one that cause the problem...
remember that I refer to the same page (but sometimes success and the other
time it's fail)

What did u mean by "unless you use the right parameters in setcookie()"
Please more detail (I want to know if I miss something in setcookie

You can set the domain in setcookie() so that "" and "" will have the same cookies.

Note that if you use setcookie(), the cookie value isn't actually available until the next request. You should be using setcookie() before any output, also, but you'll get an error (or should) if you're not doing that right.

With some browsers, setting a cookie and then redirecting with header() will not make the cookies available on the next page. Maybe that's your issue?

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