"Tristan Pretty" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I have a system that tracks downloads, capturing loadsa info, but of
> interest here, is email and filename.
> Simply put, I wanna show all results where file name AND email are unique.
> (so if email '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' has filename 'word.doc' 5 times in a table,
> I want to only see it once.)
> What am I doing wrong...?
> SELECT DISTINCT(file_name, email) FROM `completed_downloads` WHERE `bu`  =
>  'reech' AND date BETWEEN '2004-06-01' AND '2004-06-30'
> Tris...

Hi Tristan,

I'm not an MySQL expert but DISTINCT removes duplicate *rows* from your
result set. As you select email AND file_name you will always have a unique
row (combination of email and file_name). Try without specifying file_name:

SELECT DISTINCT email FROM `completed_downloads` WHERE `bu` = 'reech' AND
date BETWEEN '2004-06-01' AND '2004-06-30'

Regards, Torsten Roehr

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