On Tuesday 06 July 2004 17:58, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I have a system that tracks downloads, capturing loadsa info, but of
> interest here, is email and filename.
> Simply put, I wanna show all results where file name AND email are unique.
> (so if email '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' has filename 'word.doc' 5 times in a table,
> I want to only see it once.)
> What am I doing wrong...?

Well what did you expect your code to do when you run it, and what is it 
actually doing?

Please spend a little time describing your problem clearly and succintly when 

In the absence of more information, my guess is that your biggest problem is 
that you're not doing sufficient error checking in your code.


> SELECT DISTINCT(file_name, email) FROM `completed_downloads` WHERE `bu`  =
>  'reech' AND date BETWEEN '2004-06-01' AND '2004-06-30'

would give a mysql error. The correct syntax is:

  SELECT DISTINCT col1, col2, etc FROM table ...

Please follow the examples in the manual and incorporate error checking when 
using mysql.

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