I need to be sure, thath nobody else will can write on some tables until I
don't append obout 4-500 records in these tables.
But until now I never used table locking in MySQL and I didn't found
information about this ( like examples ).

Is there a problem with locking if PHP uses same user&pass for all users in
database ?

Thanks in advance !

"John W. Holmes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Rosen wrote:
> > And if I perform "LOCK tables ..."  nobody can;t write on these tables,
> > until I don't perform "UNLOCK TABLES" ?
> > If something happens  ( I mean if some my queryes fails) ?
> I have a feeling it would be very very good if you'd state why you feel
> you need to LOCK these tables. There are generally a couple ways to do
> things, so you may not need to worry about locking at all.
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