"Damien Babilon" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> the mssql_connect function work right, but php give me back this message
when I try mssql_init:
> Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mssql_init() in
/var/www/eurogsmtest/test.php on line XX

Shouldn't you use mssql_init() in a mssql query, not in the body of the php

I can't say that this works, but I'd go for something like:

$link = mssql_connect;  // This sets up your SQL link.
$sql = "mssql_init()";  // This is the SQL command you'd like PHP to run for
$result = mssql_query($sql, $link);  // If $result = FALSE, there was a
problem.  Otherwise, it worked.


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