I want to say some words about the "Table Locking" problem.

I had a problem something like this one, I find solution for this by locking
only the item that will updated. I added two areas one that has a value 0 or
1 giving it is currently used by someone, and second time it is started to
use, default 0. When someone trying to update the item, first area has the
value 1 and the second has the current time. After update completes, ifrst
has the value 0, and second also 0.

So if someone tries to update the area first system will chack and if
someone is updating the item it will not give permission for this. Also it
will chack the time if update is out of time (ex:more than 15 minutes) it
will reset the time section and will give permission to update this item.

This will provide people to see all other table elements ather then the

It worked for me...

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